COVID-19 advice and resources

Latest Member Advisories

Full Member Advisories are available for all IEU-QNT members on MyIEU. 

  • Member Advisory #35: Return to School Plan left to states/territories | IEU Chapters to ensure WHS vigilance at school level
  • Member Advisory #34: Chapter consultation with school leadership essential | Some issues non-negotiable for IEU members
  • Member Advisory #33: IEU absolutely rejects any change to end of scheduled school year | Requirements of staff in coming weeks need to be confirmed by employers urgently
  • Member Advisory #32: CHO releases final health directive | Full details now available

Is your employer providing paid vaccination leave?

Our union believes all employees deserve access to paid leave for COVID-19 vaccination as part of a shared commitment to keeping our community safe.

👉Click here to find out your employer’s response to our claim for paid leave.

Contact us for support

Our union is available to assist any member in need of support.

We encourage all members seeking advice to contact our union:

IEU-QNT resources

Industrial Fact Sheets & Member Advice

  • IEU-QNT Member Q&A: COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Health and safety in education workplaces
  • Virtual Chapter Meeting Guidelines
  • Advice for post-secondary education members on JobKeeper and JobSeeker
  • Alternative work duties for school officers and services staff 
  • Working from home: your rights and responsibilities
  • COVID-19 Support Resources 

All available on the MyIEU COVID Resources Hub.

Other resources

Mental health support

The COVID-19 pandemic is understandably causing stress and anxiety for many people.

In addition to the support available through our union, we encourage members to seek additional support if they are in need.

Avenues for mental health support:

Health advice

Members should ensure they seek health advice from reputable sources such as the Department of Health

If you require medical assistance, call your GP, medical clinic or the national COVID-19 helpline (1800 020 080) for advice.

Government websites

Federal Government


Northern Territory