Media releases

27 February 2024: 

IEU-QNT has endorsed the Federal Government’s Universities Accord Final Report recommendation to reduce financial pressure on teaching students by introducing paid practicums.

15 February 2024: 

IEU-QNT has welcomed and commended the ‘right to disconnect’ being enshrined in legislation as part of the Closing Loopholes Bill.  

22 September 2023: 

Teachers and support staff in nearly 300 Queensland Catholic schools across the state have voted no to an employer attempt to cut current working conditions.


27 February: Paid practicums crucial for future of teaching profession

15 February: ‘Right to disconnect’ a key win for education workers


22 September: QLD Catholic school staff have voted no to cuts to working conditions and call for action on workload and wages

11 September: Queensland Catholic school staff voting no to attack on rights at work

7 September: Employers seek biggest cuts to Catholic school staff working conditions in 20 years

24 August: Judges wowed by Queensland students’ literary prowess

22 August: Queensland Catholic school staff to strike tomorrow

17 August: 4000 Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff to strike in over 100 schools next week

14 August: Thousands of Catholic school staff to stop work tomorrow

14 August: Toowoomba Catholic school staff to stop work tomorrow, 15 August 2023

11 August: Queensland Catholic school teachers to lose a day’s pay over 5-minute strike

11 August 2023: QLD Catholic employers warned over 5-minute strike wage loss

18 July 2023: Traffic lights signal ‘Stop-Go’ on AI

13 June 2023: Union welcomes free kindergarten for all 

3 May 2023: IEU-QNT welcomes government action on vaping

22 March 2023: Employers have no plan to fix workload crisis in QLD Catholic schools

28 February 2023: School leaders’ health survey reinforces education sector crisis

20 January 2023: Reducing teacher workloads key to improved student outcomes

17 January 2023: Free-fee training scheme should be expanded to private sector



24 November 2022: School staff welcome NT Anti-discrimination Act reforms

3 November 2022: Draft National Teacher Workforce Action Plan welcomed but more to do

20 October 2022: School staff welcome proposed NT Anti-Discrimination Act change

18 August 2022: IEU members support AEU member striking to protect profession

1 March 2022: Union files dispute with industrial umpire over decision to reopen Brisbane Catholic schools

23 February 2022: State funding announcement reinforces viability of early childhood education sector

3 February 2022: Withdrawal of Citipointe Christian College “contracts” welcomed

1 February 2022: Citipointe Christian College must adhere to Anti-Discrimination Act

30 January 2022: IEU members welcome safe return to school plan | Five key measures critical in non-government sector

11 January 2022: Union absolutely rejects any change to end of scheduled school year

9 January 2022: Non-government employers have additional time to plan safe return following changes to school commencement date

7 January 2022: Union welcomes move to delay primary school return

6 January 2022: Federal government must resource school vaccination hubs to protect staff and students as Omicron surges


7 December 2021: Schools on notice over co-curricular payments following St Peters Lutheran College backpay ruling

6 December 2021: IEU welcomes Fair Work Ombudsman’s ruling to enforce back-pay of St Peters Lutheran College staff

30 November 2021: Non-government school employers must consult following mandatory COVID-19 vaccination health directive

8 August 2021: IEU members welcome priority vaccinations for Queensland education workers

1 July 2021: School staff need priority vaccine protection, Paid vaccine leave will make a difference


19 November 2020: Ipswich Grammar School staff to suffer under employer wage plan

9 October 2020: Future commitment an investment in future quality of education

10 August 2020: Brisbane Catholic Education sells out students and staff in Seton College closure

31 July 2020: Queensland Lutheran school staff vote no to employer’s planned cuts

30 July 2020: COVID-19 response plans essential in all schools

25 June 2020: Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) intent on cutting school staff working conditions | Future education of 18k+ students at risk

15 May 2020: Health and safety of staff and students critical as all students set to return to school | No justification for staff stand downs

4 May 2020: Health and safety of staff and students remains paramount in return to school plans

29 April 2020: Federal government is playing politics with our schools

28 April 2020: Reopening schools to all students a high-risk strategy new research review reveals

24 April 2020: IEUA-QNT rejects ISQ claims on school funding

13 April 2020: Government directives mean no school staff should be stood down

8 April 2020: Federal government must amend JobKeeper wage subsidy to protect school support staff

31 March 2020: Union calls for stop to stand downs of school support staff

26 March 2020: Move to student free mode for Queensland schools commended

23 March 2020: IEUA-QNT calls for immediate nation-wide end of term for all school students

19 March 2020: Holiday break should be brought forward if schools can’t manage COVID-19

Media enquiries

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