Real change for IEU members is coming

Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill will deliver more secure jobs, better pay and make work fairer for women.

IEU $1.3 million difference

Over $1.3 million in payments have been returned to members in the past financial year.

Renew for 2023

IEU-QNT members understand that union membership is vital in making a difference in our workplaces, our profession, and in the broader community. Renew your membership today!

Draft workforce action plan released: time for teachers to have our say

A significant step in the right direction but final plan must provide meaningful intervention to the issue of teacher workload.

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Our union was founded more than 100 years ago.

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The IEU (QLD & NT) is the union for teachers, school support staff and other education professionals in the non-government education sector in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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Real change for IEU members is coming

Australian workers can have hope – hope that the decade of policies that have suppressed wages is over thanks to the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill.

Hope that this legislation delivers more secure jobs and better pay and make work fairer for women.

Government follows through on Respect@Work

In passing its Respect@Work Bill into law today (28 November), the federal government has fulfilled its commitment to making workplaces safer for women.

Northern Territory parliament passes anti-discrimination law reform

Religious discrimination exemptions have been removed from the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Act after new laws were passed by parliament this week.

Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill scare campaign puts workers last

The federal government’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill would change the working lives of many Australians – making collective bargaining fairer and restoring balance to the process – the exact reason why so many employers are fighting against the Bill.

$13k back pay for wrongly classified teacher

An IEU member has secured more than $13,000 in back pay and is now correctly classified after our union’s intervention with the employer.

Essington School employer seeks to cut conditions

A plan for “indefinite” non-contact duties and no provision for release time used for planning, preparation and correction (PPCT) are just wish-list items the employer at The Essington School is seeking during collective bargaining negotiations.

Camps and co-curricular: don’t risk it

Members are reminded to exercise caution when it comes to participating in school camps, trips and extra-curricular activities.

Outstanding members celebrated for making a difference

Our union’s annual Member Awards were presented to recipients at the 2022 IEU-QNT AGM, recognising the contributions of some of our most outstanding activists.

Workload issues bigger than lesson banks

Recently, lesson banks have been trending in the media as a solution to teachers’ excessive workloads, stress and burnout and while helpful for many, IEU members know they aren’t the solution the ongoing workload crisis plaguing our profession.

Permission To Teach won’t fix teacher supply crisis

Our union remains concerned about the increased use of Permission To Teach in schools as a stop gap for teacher shortages, particularly in regional and rural areas.

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