About the IEU-QNT Member Awards

Nominations are now open for IEU-QNT’s annual Member Awards, which recognise the contribution of dedicated IEU-QNT members.

The awards are of particular significance this year given the challenges members have faced and overcome during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Members have continued to show outstanding professionalism and our Member Awards are an opportunity to acknowledge the passionate and dedicated members who are fundamental to the ongoing success of our union.

IEU-QNT Members are encouraged to nominate their colleagues who have demonstrated a strong commitment to our union.

The newly established Senior Leader Award recognises the outstanding contribution made by a union member who holds a senior leadership position at a workplace and who is a tireless advocate for union issues, on behalf of their colleagues.

IEU-QNT established the Senior Leader Award in 2020 and is calling for nominations for 2021.

We also support the next generation of teachers by awarding Teacher Education Bursaries to university students studying education who have a connection to our union.

The TUH Future of Teaching Bursary gives an IEU-QNT and TUH member the opportunity to apply for a grant that may be spent on a single professional development course, a set of professional learning activities or to fund research into innovative learning solutions.

Member Awards Categories

Select one of the categories below to access the nomination form and learn more about the origin of each IEU-QNT Member Award.

Nominations for all award categories are now open, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the various award criteria and keep your eye out for a colleague who may be deserving of a 2021 Member Award.

Send your completed nomination forms via email to tmckenzie@ieuqnt.org.au

Nominations close at 5pm Wednesday, 13 October 2021.

Previous Award Recipients