Branches, committees and networks


After joining our union, all members automatically become part of their local or sector-specific IEU-QNT Branch.

IEU-QNT Branches include:

  • Bayside
  • Central Queensland
  • Darling Downs
  • Early Childhood
  • Far North Queensland
  • Gold Coast
  • Logan
  • Metropolitan
  • Moreton
  • North Metropolitan
  • North Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Principals
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Wide Bay

Members can actively participate in union campaigns and initiatives by attending their local Branch meetings and training sessions.

Branches also have a direct voice to our union’s governing body, with each Branch allocated a delegate to Branch Executive.

Not sure which is your Branch or want to become more involved? Keep an eye on your email inbox for your personal Branch Meeting invitation or view upcoming Branch activities on our events calendar.


Committees are the engine room for many of the ideas that evolve into crucial union campaigns, policy and initiatives.

Our union’s committees include:

Communications Committee

Do you have a passion for prose, a flair for design or a love for data-driven communication?

You might be interested in the work of our union’s Communications Committee. This committee oversees the publications, communications, digital assets and other media that make sure our members’ stories are told and their voices are heard.

Education Committee

Much of our union’s advocacy on professional issues and education policy begins with our Education Committee.

If you would like to add your voice to the critical discussions at the heart of our profession, consider joining the Education Committee.

Equity Committee

Do you want to help build a more just society, founded on the principles of social justice and equality?

Our Equity Committee is dedicated to the pursuit of fairness at work, particularly for women, First Nations workers and members who identify as LGBTIQ+.

Industrial Committee

Our union’s industrial work is critical to ensuring members’ rights are protected.

If you’re interested in the industrial frameworks that govern workplaces and helping to shape the advice and support we provide members, consider joining our Industrial Committee.

International Committee

Are you interested in the work of the union movement abroad?

The International Committee ensures our union is part of a global movement by speaking out about exploitation, supporting refugees and people seeking asylum, as well as providing solidarity to unions all over the world.

Organising/Campaigning Committee

As a union, we know we have the greatest impact when our members join together to create change in their workplaces.

The Organising/Campaigning Committee is the driving force behind many of our union’s member campaigns. If you’d like to help build fairer workplaces and shape our union’s campaigning agenda, this is the committee for you.

If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please get in touch.


Chapter Rep network

Our union’s Chapter Rep network is crucial to building power and making change at work. Reps are IEU-QNT members who have voluntarily taken on leadership roles within their workplace’s union Chapter. Reps work with union organisers to support grassroots activism and engage with local and broader member campaigns.

Our union’s private Rep Facebook group provides a forum for Reps to share, network and discuss. Click here to join the group.

Beginning Educators Network (BEnet)

If you’re a teacher member in your first five years in the profession, you automatically become part of our union’s Beginning Educators Network (BEnet).

BEnet helps early career teachers achieve their career goals by providing exclusive professional development, networking opportunities, mentoring and specialised resources and support.

To make the most of your BEnet benefits, visit the MyIEU BEnet Hub or keep an eye on your email inbox for latest news, events and professional development invites.

Building Our Leadership Development (BOLD) program

The Building Our Leadership Development (BOLD) program aims to help address the challenges facing women at work.

Within the BOLD Program, women members are encouraged to become active in their union by networking with colleague members, attending professional development, connecting online and driving what their leadership development will look like.

Click here to read more or get involved with the BOLD program.

First Nations member networks

Our union supports two networks for First Nations members to ensure we are listening and acting in accordance with our members’ needs.

Click here to read more about these networks and our union’s commitment to reconciliation.


Employees in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) and English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sectors face particular challenges at work.

Our union is working to improve working conditions in the VET and ELICOS sectors. Add your voice to the conversation by joining our private VET/ELICOS Facebook group.

Teachers for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum (TRAPSA)

Co-founded with the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU), TRAPSA gives members the opportunity to take an active role in addressing the global refugee and asylum seeker crisis.

To become involved in TRAPSA, visit


Our union is affiliated with a number of Australian and international union bodies. We are also partnered with member benefit organisations to provide additional value to members.

Click here to read more about our affiliations and partnerships.