Workload issues bigger than lesson banks

8 November, 2022

Recently, lesson banks have been trending in the media as a solution to teachers’ excessive workloads, stress and burnout and while helpful for many, IEU members know they aren’t the solution the ongoing workload crisis plaguing our profession.

Some jurisdictions, including Queensland, already have government-run “resource banks” that can be accessed by teachers in both the government and non-government sector.

IEU-QNT Research Officer Dr Adele Schmidt said lesson banks can be very helpful for some teachers.

“For example, graduate teachers or those teaching out-of-field – lesson banks can be particularly helpful as a starting point to help guide lesson planning.

“They may also be helpful to the broader teacher community over the next few years as we transition to the new Australian National Curriculum,” she said.

“However, they are definitely not a panacea to the excessive workloads and time pressures being experienced right across the Australian education sector.

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