Workers in feminised industries urgently need pay rise

30 April, 2024

Workers in key feminised industries should receive at least a 9 per cent pay rise in the Annual Wage Review, according to the Australian Council of Trade Union (ACTU)’s reply submissions filed today with the Fair Work Commission (FWC). 

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus said this rise would be a critical step in achieving equal pay for workers in occupations that historically have been undervalued based on gender – including care and degree-qualified occupations in early childhood education, education and health support services, veterinary care and disability home care, among others. 

“A 9 per cent pay increase will not only support families with cost-of-living pressures, it will also be a vital first step to properly valuing the work of working women doing critical work for our community, such as educating the next generation and caring for our loved ones,” Sally said. 

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