Work shouldn’t hurt: new ACTU survey to better address unsafe workplaces

17 June, 2021

While the Australian union movement continues its lengthy history of campaigning against unsafe and unhealthy working conditions, sadly, many workers across different industries are still subjected to a range of health and safety risks.

As a result, new Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) nationwide survey is seeking to better understand Australian workers’ experiences of health and safety in the workplace, as part of the Work Shouldn’t Hurt campaign.

Ongoing battle to protect workers

IEU-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said the survey was an important tool to collect feedback from union members and the Australian workforce more broadly about their experiences relating to safety in the workplace.

“We encourage all IEU-QNT members to participate in the survey so the union movement can obtain a thorough understanding of Australian workers’ experiences regarding workplace health and safety,” Mr Burke said.

“The responses and input from workers will help inform our conversations with governments and employers and contribute to campaigns to bring about necessary changes for healthier, safer workplaces,” he said.

Psychosocial hazards and gendered violence prevalent

“Workplace health and safety risks are not just limited to physical risks.

Gendered violence and psychosocial hazards including stress, bullying, insecure work and excessive workload must be prevented and eliminated to ensure safe workplaces for all,” he said.

Unions had a significant win recently, when work health and safety ministers from across Australia voted in favour of strengthening laws to protect workers’ mental health.

These changes are a positive step forward in the prevention of mental illness, sexual harassment and gendered violence in the workplace.

“Contributing your feedback and experiences to this survey is important to bring about better health and safety conditions in every workplace,” Mr Burke said.

“Unionists and workers must continue to be vigilant in advocating for safer, healthier workplaces, as this collective action is powerful and ultimately brings about change,” he said.

The survey is open until 9th July 2021.

Members are strongly encouraged to complete the survey and share it with colleagues, friends and family – every voice counts.

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