Referendum 2023:

Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through a Voice to Parliament


As the referendum on 14 October approaches, we encourage all IEU members to access information from trusted sources to support them in making an informed vote.

Our guide of recommended reading and resources is included below.

IEU articles and resources

    • History is calling: it’s time for First Nations recognition and Voice (extract from Independent Voice October 2023 edition) >>read now
    • Thousand unite behind Unions for Yes (extract from Independent Voice May 2023) >>read now
    • Once in a generation vote to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament (extract from Independent Voice March 2023) >>read now
    • Vote for Yes for a Voice (extract from Independent Education Volume 53, edition 2) >>read now
    • IEU Speaks on a First Nations Voice (IEU federal office, February 2023) >>read now

Articles from trusted news organisations and other institutions

    • What is the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, how would it work and what happens next? (The Guardian Australia, September 2023) >>read now
    • VIDEO: Everything you need to know about the Voice (ABC, April 2023) >>watch now
    • Explained: What is the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and what will the referendum entail? (9News) >>read now
    • Voice to Parliament (Reconciliation Australia) >>read now
    • Voice to Parliament (University of Melbourne) >>read now
    • Voice Referendum: Understanding the referendum from a human rights perspective (Australian Human Rights Commission) >>read now
    • Our position on the Voice to Parliament (Queensland Human Rights Commission) >>read now
    • The Voice to Parliament is a beginning, not an end (Dr Summer May Finlay, University of Wollongong) >>read now
    • What is the Voice? (Uluru Statement from the Heart) >> read now

Books and podcasts

Yes23 resources

Unions for Yes resources

Government resources

    • (Australian Government) >>read now
    • Referendum 2023 (Australian Electoral Commission) >>read now