Our union believes all employees deserve access to paid leave for COVID-19 vaccination as part of a shared commitment to keeping our community safe.

👇 Here’s what employers have said in response to our claim for paid leave.

Is your employer not listed?
This listing includes all of the employer responses we have received so far. We’re continuing to advocate for paid leave on behalf of all members.

Why is paid vaccination leave so important?

Members have experienced issues when booking vaccinations. Booking procedures are inflexible and appointments are often at very short notice.

We have called on school employers to provide up to two days of special paid vaccination leave to support any employee who wishes to be vaccinated and cannot obtain appointments outside of work time. 

This leave would also allow time to recover from any side effects of the vaccine, if necessary.

COVID-19 interruptions have the potential to cause significant disruption and threaten safety in our schools, which is why a shared commitment by employers to support the vaccination program is so important. 

We deserve safe school workplaces and employers can take immediate steps to help make this happen.

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