Significant risks for staff participating in activities

25 March, 2021

School camps and excursions are back after a hiatus; however, significant risks still remain for staff participating in extra-curricular activities.

The outcome of a controversial court decision made in 2019 means school staff must make personal risk assessments in their own interests when deciding whether to participate in excursions, camps, trips, outdoor education and even sporting activities.

Injured teacher not covered by WorkCover

The case which sparked the court decision related to a teacher employed in a Queensland Catholic school who was injured while participating in an activity during a school excursion.

Despite the fact the appellant was at the location with all of the students and other teachers at the time of her injury, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) found that the appellant made a voluntary decision to partake in an unplanned activity and that the injury therefore did not arise out of, or in the course of, her employment.

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