Severe weather causing major school disruptions, minimal staff attendance tomorrow

3 March, 2022

Flooding and severe weather in South East Queensland continue to pose a significant threat to community safety.

Dozens of schools from northern Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay and Bundaberg areas have today been advised to have students collected by parents. The unstable and uncertain conditions pose too great a threat in these areas.

The emergency announcements made today by the Queensland Government will also have a major impact on the operation of all affected schools and kindergartens tomorrow.

All SEQ schools – only minimal attendance on Friday, 4 March

While many schools have already sent students home today, all schools in SEQ will be impacted from tomorrow morning.

Education Minister Grace Grace:

“In addition to early collections in those areas today, tomorrow schools across the entire south east region will only be open for children of essential workers. 

“However, the message is stay off the roads and stay at home unless you really need to be out.”

You can read the full government statement here.

The government position is clear – schools that can open safely tomorrow should only be open to the children of essential workers and students experiencing vulnerability. Students should stay at home where possible.

Rosters requiring only limited staff attendance should be in place for Friday to comply with the government request to limit community movement and transport.

The government has pleaded with all Queenslanders to stay off the roads and stay home where possible. This includes you.

IEU support is here – your safety must be the priority

Please contact our union immediately should school operations for Friday, 4 March pose any threat to staff or student safety.

Even in schools where minimal staffing is scheduled for Friday, no employee is required to attend work if their personal travel is hazardous or their home at risk. Remember this is why natural disaster leave is in place.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can help in anyway – please call FREECALL 1800 177 938 or email

Updates will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as via our MyIEU member portal at

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