Religious Discrimination Bill would enable, not prevent discrimination

11 February, 2022

The federal government’s flawed Religious Discrimination Bill, which would enable rather than prevent discrimination, has been abandoned at a critical juncture ahead of the upcoming federal election.

In its third attempt to follow through on the promised legislation, the Morrison federal government introduced the Bill on 9  February. After an extended parliamentary sitting which concluded in the early hours of 10 February, the Religious Discrimination Bill passed through the House of Representatives with some amendments from Labor, independents and government MPs who crossed the floor.

The government subsequently pulled the legislation from debate in the Senate and it is unlikely to be revisited given the contention surrounding the Bill and limited sitting days available within the current parliamentary term.

Our union welcomes the abandonment of the Bill in its current form, having made public submissions highlighting its inadequacy and the risk of non-government school employees being exposed to discrimination and harm.

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