Recognising unrecognised work key focus of National School Reform Agreement submission

13 June, 2022

The workforce crisis in Australian schools should be recognised as a sign that schools need greater staffing and resourcing to deliver high-quality, high-equity education for all students.

This will be our union’s main focus in our submission to the Review of the National School Reform Agreement.

IEU-QNT members well understand there is too much “unrecognised” work occurring in schools.

Through our union’s submission to the review, we are advocating for that work to be:

  1. Identified as part of what occurs, and fundamentally needs to occur, in schools for them to function properly and provide high quality education;
  2. Taken away from teachers (freeing them to focus on their profession – core teaching and learning) and;
  3. Redistributed to other, paid and more suitably qualified staff. For example, employing a highly qualified school-based psychologist to provide ongoing psychological support to students instead of expecting teachers to undertake this role.

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