QCT Board Election 2024: IEU member nominations sought

19 March, 2024

IEU members in Queensland have the opportunity to ensure their voice is heard on the state’s professional regulatory body with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Board election now underway.

The current term of appointment of the QCT Board concludes at the end of 2024 and three practising teachers must be elected before then for a new term of appointment commencing in January 2025.

One practising teacher must come from the non-state sector.

Member representation critical

IEU-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said IEU members who are practising teachers in the non-government education sector and interested in upholding standards for the teaching profession in Queensland were encouraged to nominate.

“Members who are considering nominating may wish to make a request for support from our union in the ballot,” Mr Burke said.

“A written request for support would then need to set out the strengths they might bring to the representation and provide details of their union involvement and commitment.

“The requests would then be considered by our union’s governing body, The IEU-QNT Branch Executive, for endorsement,” he said.

Written requests should be submitted to Terry Burke via email to tburke@ieuqnt.org.au

Upholding high standards

“The elections are a key opportunity for teacher members to have a say on who represents them on the body which regulates and upholds the standards in the profession.

“This is in stark contrast to other jurisdictions where such representation has never existed and even where it did this representation has been taken away.

“Queensland is unique in that sense and it is something we need to ensure is retained,” he said.

Mr Burke said our union was grateful to IEU member Bryce Goldburg, who was finishing up as QCT Board representatives in 2024.

“Bryce is a longstanding and committed IEU-QNT member and has well-served the interests of registered teachers in the broader non-government sector as a representative on the QCT Board, and we thank him for his service,” Mr Burke said.

“Given the importance of the QCT to the Queensland education sector, it is critical practising teachers are represented on its Board and that a teacher well-connected to our union is elected for the new term,” he said.

Nominations now open

Nominations are open from Friday 8 March 2024 and close at 4:00pm on Friday 5 April 2024.

Read more about the position and eligibility requirements here.

Members can nominate here.

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