Protected Action Ballot Orders approved in Catholic schools

23 June, 2023

Queensland Catholic Schools Colb10

Protected Action Ballot Orders approved in Catholic schools

A series of union applications for Protected Action Ballot Orders (PABO) filed with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) have now been issued by the Fair Work Commission .

The PABOs cover 54 schools in the Catholic sector in 15 separate FWC Orders.

Chapters who are in the first tranche of PABO applications were informed on Thursday 22 June 2023 via email.

What is a PABO?

Once the FWC issues a PABO, formal steps will be taken for a ballot of members to occur. The ballot of members will determine if a set of protected actions are approved.

If the ballot is successful union members at that school can legally undertake the specified protected industrial actions.

The list of protected actions authorised by the FWC to go to ballot are here.

What happens when a PABO is issued by FWC?

Where a PABO has been approved by the FWC, Chapter members at nominated school sites will be invited to participate in a ballot on the protected actions.

Ballots are sent to individual members via SMS and email.

How is protected action approved and endorsed?

For protected action to be approved and to allow action to be taken, the following criteria must be met:

  • At least fifty percent (50%) of members on the role of voters must vote; and
  • More than fifty percent (50%) of valid votes cast must endorse the proposed actions.

Voting “Yes” in the ballot DOES NOT bind a Chapter, a member or any other individual to take any or all of the proposed actions.

If a majority vote and a majority vote “yes” to the proposed actions this will allow those who want to take any or all of the approved actions to do so.

Further materials and updates will be provided throughout the FWC process.

Member support of collective action in the interests of our members in Catholic schools is vital.

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