Pay increases imminent for Queensland Catholic members

4 August, 2022

Catholic employing authorities have or are communicating to their teaching and non-teaching staff that they will commence paying the full wage increase due to employees under the collective agreement now that the public sector 2022 wage increase is known.


In the current collective agreement that was negotiated for your sector, your union successfully negotiated a provision that would provide the same headline percentage wage rate increase for 2022 for teaching and non-teaching staff as achieved by teachers in Qld state schools.

Under the agreement such pay increases were due to be paid on 1 May 2022 for non-teaching staff and 1 July 2022 for teaching staff.

However, these wage increase have been delayed due to ongoing negotiations in the state sector with no percentage wage increase for teachers being determined until recently. Following your union’s advocacy, Catholic employers did variously, earlier this year, begin paying an anticipatory 2% wage increase.

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