4000 teachers and school support staff strike to tell employers to hear our voice

23 August, 2023

Over 4000 Independent Education Union – Queensland and Northern Territory (IEU-QNT) members across 106 Queensland Catholic schools took strike action today (Wednesday, 23 August) for one (1) hour between 10am until 11am.

From Cairns to the Gold Coast, Bowen to Beaudesert, IEU members united to tell Queensland Catholic school employers to hear our voice when it comes to protecting the future of education in our schools.

IEU-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said the member action was a clear message to the employers that the issues being raised by employees haven’t and won’t go away.

“IEU members remain firm when it comes to making sure the employers understand that the workload crisis in our schools isn’t just going away,” Mr Burke said.

“That the need for recognition and respect of our school support staff – who are working under a 30-year-old wage structure – won’t just go away.

“IEU members are to be commended for their action and efforts today.

“They are the ones who have stood up and taken action to protect the future of working and learning conditions in Queensland Catholic schools.

“It’s time for the employers to do the same,” Mr Burke said.

To view images from today’s strike action, see the gallery below.

For more on the campaign and to view messages of support from across our union and the movement, click here.

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