Our staff


IEU-QNT Organisers are the key point of contact between members and our union. Organisers support members to build their collective strength and power in their schools and workplaces.

Aaron Watson, Alica Walters, Andrew Elphinstone, Caryl Rosser, Cherie Wills, Craig Darlington (on leave), Jengis Osman, Krystal Pearson, Matthew Kliese, Nick Holliday (on leave), Nicole Lakidis, Patrick Meikle, Richard Pascoe, Susan O’Leary, Tahn Donaldson

Industrial Team

Our union’s dedicated and expert industrial team works to assist members through any issues they face at work – from general queries to complex matters that require advice and representation.

Senior Industrial Officer:
John Spriggs

Industrial Officers:
Danielle Wilson, Vaishi Rajanayagam

Industrial Services Coordinator:
Chris Seymour

Industrial Services Officers:
Jill McKeon, Joe Burnett, Rosey Cavallaro, Ben Ellis, Melanie Stellmacher, Michael Featherstone, Monique Roosen, Tameeka Stewart

Communications Team

IEU-QNT’s Communications Team ensures members’ stories are told and gives voice to the collective. The team also keeps members informed about the changing professional landscape by maintaining a comprehensive suite of publications, digital communications and online channels.

Communications Manager:
Laura Wise

Communications Officers:
Elise Cuthbertson, Emily Campbell, Jess Willis

Membership Team

Our union’s Membership Team manages the records of our 17,000+ members, including processing payments and ensuring members’ information remains up-to-date.

Membership Coordinator:
Daniel Harris

Membership Officers:
David Edwards, Finn Parker, Jessica Cramb

Research Officer

IEU-QNT’s Research Officer keeps a watching brief on professional issues impacting members by liaising with sector stakeholders, writing public submissions and supporting internal programs and development. Click here to view our union’s current public submissions.

Research Officer:
Adele Schmidt

Human Resources

The HR Officer oversees our union’s staffing as well as various organisational matters.

Human Resources Officer: 
Maria Campanini

Project Officer

The Project Officer works collaboratively with our Organiser and Industrial teams, develops resource material and provides training and professional support.

Project Officer:
Karen Devin

Finance Team

Our union’s Finance Officers are critical to daily operations and ensure staff have the resources and materials they need to support members.

Office Finance Administrator: 
Chun Qin

Finance Officer:
Amy Nelson

Clerical Team

IEU-QNT Clerical Officers provide varied and essential administrative support, often acting as messengers of crucial information from organisers and leadership staff.

Clerical Officers:
Amanda Prove, Di Hurst, Imogen Lindsey, Kay Holloway, Marion Gardner, Mayura Sule, Sue Naude, Tessa McKenzie, Tess Brooks

Call Centre

Our union’s outbound call centre is a critical point of engagement and contacts members about a range of membership, industrial and professional issues.

Call Centre Organisers:
Ava Starrenburg, Callan Wilson, Isabelle Irons, Jessica Kiss, Tom Lambert

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