Online support network for early career teachers

1 October, 2020

Our union’s private Facebook group for early career teacher members provides meaningful opportunities for discussion as well as access to member-only resources, professional development (PD) invites, mentoring connections and advice from our experts.

BEnet benefits

The private group forms part of the support our union provides through our Beginning Educators Network (BEnet).

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Open to all teacher members in their first five years in the profession, BEnet also includes access to a comprehensive online and scheduled PD program.

Quality PD is essential to nurturing professional identity and navigating the challenges a career in education brings.

IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes said teachers in the early years need access to quality professional development and support, particularly given statistics which show 1 in 3 teachers leave the profession within the first five years.

“The early years of a teacher’s career are often the most exciting, but they also tend to be the most challenging,” Mr Hayes said.

“Members have identified quality professional development as being particularly important, both to help them navigate their way in the profession and to meet their registration requirements.

“By offering online training we are able to support regionally and remotely located members who often find they have fewer PD options.

“Our union is proud to offer early career teacher members access to quality PD as a key component of their union membership.”

BEnet complements early career teachers’ other member benefits, including collective bargaining support, access to expert industrial and legal advice, member-only communications and a strong professional voice at work.

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