Ongoing prac payment negotiations and ITE concerns

13 June, 2022

Our union continues to advocate for members in practicum supervision negotiations as well as in the initial teacher education space, where our concerns are growing.

Supervision rate increase agreed, further negotiations needed around conditions

Negotiations for a new agreement for practicum supervision continues, with a two per cent increase in the supervision payment rate for this year as well as some updated parameters around what constitutes a ‘practicum’ agreed to by the universities.

IEU-QNT Research Officer Dr Adele Schmidt said we are still largely waiting for feedback from the universities on a draft agreement that was provided to them last year.

“This agreement is not just about supervision payment rates, but also the working conditions of supervising teachers – particularly around their responsibilities and associated workload,” she said.

“Practicum supervision and mentoring relies on the goodwill of practising teachers and they should not be burdened with unsustainable workloads and expectations when taking this important role on.

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