New job? Make sure your prior qualifications are considered

7 December, 2022

Starting a new job comes with dozens of small admin tasks that can slip through the cracks but could have lasting implications if not rectified, such as forgetting to let your employer know about any prior qualifications or professional experience.

Under most collective agreements in our sector all new employees will be given, at the time of appointment, a document detailing the requirements of timely notification of previous relevant service and experience.

IEU-QNT Industrial Services Officer Melanie Stellmacher said this is relevant for both teachers and school officers.

“Recognition of prior relevant qualifications or professional service will impact an employee’s salary classification level,” she said.

“Situations where this might occur could be if a school officer has previously worked at an equal or higher classification at another workplace within the non-government sector or they can prove they have previous relevant experience from outside the sector.

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