NCCD workload breakthrough

11 April, 2022

IEU members have put employers across our sector on notice regarding excessive demands of staff completing the NCCD process.

his follows our union’s consultation with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) at a federal level about the minimum requirements for the accountability processes.

Excessive and unnecessary work has been required of members in many schools under vague employer claims of “external NCCD requirements”.

IEU-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes said IEU Chapters can now say “no” and call out these excessive workload demands.

“Our union has now communicated to all employers to reiterate the requirements as outlined by the department,” Brad said.

“Last year’s survey of IEU Chapters was essential in providing feedback about the excessive demands being asked of staff as well as how these were affecting professional practice and wellbeing.

Next steps in our campaign

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