Members take action over performance management issues

17 June, 2021

Queensland Catholic school members will now have a refined unsatisfactory performance management process after our union met with the employers over reports ‘informal chats’ were being used to start formal unsatisfactory performance management procedures.

Members have consistently raised concerns about unknowingly being placed on a performance management process through informal chats with their principals.

IEU Industrial Services Officer Rosey Cavallaro said problems quickly arise because employees have no idea the ‘chat’ was in fact an initial phase of a performance management process.

“Being placed on a performance improvement plan can be stressful enough, but when unclear and informal methods are used, it can make the process seem out-of-the-blue and confusing.

“Our union took these concerns directly to the employer who have committed to ensuring performance management procedures are implemented in a more consistent and transparent way,” she said.

During the initial stages of Performance Management, principals must:

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