IEU releases final report from School Officer Joint Working Party Review: development of a new classification structure

12 February, 2021

The initial phase of the Queensland Catholic School Officer Joint Working Party (JWP) has concluded, and members can access the final report here. 

IEU-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said our union and the employers are now in a further phase – the development of a new classification model.

“School officers know all too well the current classification system is badly flawed,” Mr Burke said.

“The development of a new and improved model is a priority outcome for members this year.”

Final IEU report now available

As outlined in the JWP terms of reference, the JWP classification review concluded in late 2020.

Mr Burke said this was an essential first step in exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the current structure.

“It allowed us to identify possible new alternative models,” Mr Burke said.

Our IEU report summarising the JWP’s work and our recommended outcomes is available here.

“While initially intended as a joint report, the employers rejected the inclusion of two key attachments – the principles tabled by our union to underpin the JWP review (attached 2) and our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the current model (attachment 3).

“These items arose from the agreed terms of reference and should, in our view, be included in the report in order to be transparent about the JWP discussions.

“The employers’ refusal to include these two key attachments means the [above] report has only been endorsed by our union, notwithstanding that all other sections of the report have mutually agreed with the employers,” he said.

Next phase: development of a new model

The review now moves into the next phase as per the endorsed joint recommendations.

Mr Burke explained a smaller working group has now been established to continue work on the alternative model previously identified by our union through the JWP.

“The goal is to have a possible alternative classification structure developed by the end of Term 1, 2021,” Mr Burke said.

“A school-based trial of the alternative structure could then be undertaken in Term 2, 2021.

“Following the conduct of a trial, consideration would then be given to putting a proposed structure to an employee ballot to vary the collective agreement.”

Keep up to date with the campaign and active in our union

All IEU school officers in the Queensland Catholic sector need to stay up to date with the latest news on the review.

You can do this by keeping an eye on your email inbox and by attending Chapter Meetings.

Other actions school officers can take are:

  1. Take on a union rep role in your school – we need strong school officer voices.
  2. Talk union with your school office colleagues – share your reason for joining.
  3. Play an active role in Chapter meeting and discussion in your school.

With your active support and involvement, we can build a new classification structure that delivers careers you can count on for all school officers.

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