IEU members secure interim wage relief

31 May, 2022

Our union’s strong collective voice has again made a difference, securing the payment of an interim 2% pay rise for Catholic school staff in a meeting between our union and employer representatives yesterday (Monday, 30 May).

IEU-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said IEU members welcomed the common-sense outcome which was the result of the recent member campaign and action launched by our union in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

“This is a direct outcome of IEU Chapter action – your Chapter resolutions have made the difference,” Mr Burke said.

“While the full extent of 2022 wage outcomes are still to play out, this is an important first step towards desperately needed wage support as living costs continue to rise.

“We understand the employers have now also confirmed their revised position in communication to school staff,” Mr Burke said.

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