IEU member action achieves big wins to working conditions at Australian International Islamic College

1 February, 2023

Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) members have achieved significant wins to working conditions and pay after running a successful, grass-roots campaign across campuses.

 Some of the key enhancements to working conditions in their new collective agreement include:

  • Natural Disaster Leave.
  • Greater flexibility on the use of long service leave.
  • Parental leave enhancements over the life of the agreement.
  • Enhanced spousal leave.
  • Wage parity with Education QLD up to Band 3 Step 4.
  • A senior teacher position to commence within the life of the agreement.
  • Back payment of wages to July 1 2022 following the successful ballot.
  • Enhanced career paths for school officers.
  • Darwin campus to be covered by the collective agreement.

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