IEU makes $1.3 million difference

31 August, 2022

Over $1.3 million in payments have been returned to members in the past financial year.

IEU-QNT’s industrial team secured the $1,307,750 sum across a range of cases related to unfair dismissals, redundancies, underpayments and other settlements.

Key cases included:

  • $43,100 (16 weeks’ compensation) secured in the settlement of an unfair dismissal claim.
  • $5,718 in underpayments recovered despite the employer claiming the member was overpaid by approximately $12,000.
  • $17,804 secured on termination after an employer erroneously claimed serious misconduct.
  • $65,456 secured in various entitlements after resignation.
  • $35,275 recovered in long service leave payments and notice after an employer terminated employment and claimed these entitlements did not have to be paid.

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