How IEU members make a difference

1 April, 2020

IEU members are always fighting for positive change, often in challenging circumstances like Australia’s unbalanced industrial system or the ongoing global pandemic which has caused many impacts in schools. 

A union is fundamentally a place of hope and a union is a body working for a better future. At our very foundation, it is our capability which gives us hope for our future.

For as long as members are bringing to our union all their abilities, insights, commitments and strength of values, then we have every right to be optimistic for our collective future.

In turn, we may be optimistic for our future as a society, as unions will help make and reshape our world – as we have always done.

Our key wins

After more than 100 years of working to improve the working lives of teachers and support staff in our sector, we have achieved many significant wins.

IEUA-QNT members will continue to build upon this legacy.

Download a printable copy of our union wins poster here.

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