HALT: The great Catholic sector embarrassment

14 February, 2022

The determination of Queensland Catholic school employers to control the process for Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) applications without seeking the support of our union has led to a woeful take up of the roles across the state.

IEU Branch Secretary Terry Burke said the failure of Queensland Catholic school employers to include our union in the promotion and practicalities of the application process had led to embarrassingly low HALT application rates.

“This means many teachers across the state are missing out and not receiving the recognition they deserve,” Mr Burke said.

“These are significant sums available to successful applicants – $117,382 for Highly Accomplished and $128,149 for Lead Teacher as of 1 July 2021.

“Our union’s advocacy and action led to the implementation of HALT pay rates which recognise the professional work being undertaken by teachers at that level.

“It is very disappointing then, that Queensland Catholic school employers have not done all they can, and should do, to support their employees in making an application to receive this professional recognition,” he said.

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