Flawed Anglican Hours of Duty rejected

12 October, 2022

Queensland Anglican members are rejecting the proposed Hours of Duty model due to be rolled out in schools next year, after an employer-run desktop trial revealed significant and widespread issues.

IEU-QNT Organiser Susan O’Leary said members were calling for a freeze on further implementation of the new model until the issues are resolved.

“The trial revealed the proposed model is highly problematic and untenable in its current state,” Susan said.

“An overwhelming majority of schools were unable to comply with the hours of duty based on employer-data.

“Because of this, we are not willing to support its implementation in 2023,” Susan said.

“Our union has strongly recommended to the employers that the model needs further time to refine before implementation; however, they have insisted on pressing ahead.

“It does not make sense to identify significant issues with the proposed model but insist on rolling it out without resolving them.

“It’s going to leave staff in the lurch next year, trying to make an inherently flawed model work – adding to, rather than alleviating, workload pressures face by school staff,” she said.

Model and trial background

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