Pre-existing industrial issues disclaimer

In respect of access to our industrial services and legal representation please note:

  • Industrial services provision is not retrospective. Non-members and unfinancial members are unable to access industrial services. If you are not a financial member of our union at the time a matter arises, you will not be eligible to access industrial representation.
  • Financial members may receive general advice only in relation to any pre-existing matters from IEUA-QNT’s Member Services Officers, however there is no eligibility for representation.
  • For those serious workplace matters that require legal representation, to be eligible members must be financial, and must have been financial prior to the date on which the issue arose.

In proceeding with an application for membership of our union, you are agreeing that you understand the terms of access to our industrial services as listed above and that if you join with a matter that arose while you were a non-member or while you were unfinancial, once your membership application is processed you will be eligible for general advice only.

Please refer to our relevant policies Pre-existing Issue and Legal Assistance for full details.